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Security Vulnerabilities Related To CWE-672

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# CVE ID CWE ID # of Exploits Vulnerability Type(s) Publish Date Update Date Score Gained Access Level Access Complexity Authentication Conf. Integ. Avail.
1 CVE-2022-22332 672 2022-04-01 2022-04-12
None Remote Low Not required None Partial None
IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager 6.2.0 could allow an attacker to impersonate another user due to missing revocation mechanism for the JWT token. IBM X-Force ID: 219131.
2 CVE-2022-22197 672 DoS 2022-04-14 2022-04-21
None Remote Medium Not required None None Partial
An Operation on a Resource after Expiration or Release vulnerability in the Routing Protocol Daemon (RPD) of Juniper Networks Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved allows an unauthenticated network-based attacker with an established BGP session to cause a Denial of Service (DoS). This issue occurs when proxy-generate route-target filtering is enabled, and certain proxy-route add and delete events are happening. This issue affects: Juniper Networks Junos OS All versions prior to 17.3R3-S11; 17.4 versions prior to 17.4R2-S13, 17.4R3-S4; 18.3 versions prior to 18.3R3-S4; 18.4 versions prior to 18.4R1-S8, 18.4R2-S8, 18.4R3-S6; 19.1 versions prior to 19.1R3-S4; 19.2 versions prior to 19.2R1-S6, 19.2R3-S2; 19.3 versions prior to 19.3R2-S6, 19.3R3-S1; 19.4 versions prior to 19.4R1-S4, 19.4R2-S4, 19.4R3; 20.1 versions prior to 20.1R2; 20.2 versions prior to 20.2R2; 20.3 versions prior to 20.3R1-S2, 20.3R2. Juniper Networks Junos OS Evolved All versions prior to 20.1R3-EVO; 20.2 versions prior to 20.2R3-EVO; 20.3 versions prior to 20.3R2-EVO.
3 CVE-2021-42778 672 2022-04-18 2022-04-28
None Remote Low Not required None None Partial
A heap double free issue was found in Opensc before version 0.22.0 in sc_pkcs15_free_tokeninfo.
4 CVE-2021-23995 672 2021-06-24 2021-07-02
None Remote High Not required Partial Partial Partial
When Responsive Design Mode was enabled, it used references to objects that were previously freed. We presume that with enough effort this could have been exploited to run arbitrary code. This vulnerability affects Firefox ESR < 78.10, Thunderbird < 78.10, and Firefox < 88.
5 CVE-2020-25221 672 2020-09-10 2020-10-01
None Local Low Not required Complete Complete Complete
get_gate_page in mm/gup.c in the Linux kernel 5.7.x and 5.8.x before 5.8.7 allows privilege escalation because of incorrect reference counting (caused by gate page mishandling) of the struct page that backs the vsyscall page. The result is a refcount underflow. This can be triggered by any 64-bit process that can use ptrace() or process_vm_readv(), aka CID-9fa2dd946743.
6 CVE-2020-24030 672 2020-09-02 2020-09-10
None Remote Low Not required Partial Partial Partial
ForLogic Qualiex v1 and v3 has weak token expiration. This allows remote unauthenticated privilege escalation and access to sensitive data via token reuse.
7 CVE-2020-15270 672 2020-10-22 2020-10-30
None Remote Low ??? Partial None None
Parse Server (npm package parse-server) broadcasts events to all clients without checking if the session token is valid. This allows clients with expired sessions to still receive subscription objects. It is not possible to create subscription objects with invalid session tokens. The issue is not patched.
8 CVE-2020-13530 672 2020-12-11 2022-06-07
None Remote Low Not required None None Partial
A denial-of-service vulnerability exists in the Ethernet/IP server functionality of the EIP Stack Group OpENer 2.3 and development commit 8c73bf3. A large number of network requests in a small span of time can cause the running program to stop. An attacker can send a sequence of requests to trigger this vulnerability.
9 CVE-2020-12043 672 2020-06-29 2020-07-08
None Remote Low Not required Partial Partial Partial
The Baxter Spectrum WBM (v17, v20D29, v20D30, v20D31, and v22D24) when configured for wireless networking the FTP service operating on the WBM remains operational until the WBM is rebooted.
10 CVE-2019-20022 672 2019-12-27 2020-01-02
None Remote Medium Not required None None Partial
An invalid memory address dereference was discovered in load_pnm in frompnm.c in libsixel before 1.8.3.
11 CVE-2019-17638 672 2020-07-09 2021-06-14
None Remote Low Not required Partial Partial Partial
In Eclipse Jetty, versions 9.4.27.v20200227 to 9.4.29.v20200521, in case of too large response headers, Jetty throws an exception to produce an HTTP 431 error. When this happens, the ByteBuffer containing the HTTP response headers is released back to the ByteBufferPool twice. Because of this double release, two threads can acquire the same ByteBuffer from the pool and while thread1 is about to use the ByteBuffer to write response1 data, thread2 fills the ByteBuffer with other data. Thread1 then proceeds to write the buffer that now contains different data. This results in client1, which issued request1 seeing data from another request or response which could contain sensitive data belonging to client2 (HTTP session ids, authentication credentials, etc.). If the Jetty version cannot be upgraded, the vulnerability can be significantly reduced by configuring a responseHeaderSize significantly larger than the requestHeaderSize (12KB responseHeaderSize and 8KB requestHeaderSize).
12 CVE-2019-15794 672 2020-04-24 2020-05-26
None Local Low Not required Complete Complete Complete
Overlayfs in the Linux kernel and shiftfs, a non-upstream patch to the Linux kernel included in the Ubuntu 5.0 and 5.3 kernel series, both replace vma->vm_file in their mmap handlers. On error the original value is not restored, and the reference is put for the file to which vm_file points. On upstream kernels this is not an issue, as no callers dereference vm_file following after call_mmap() returns an error. However, the aufs patchs change mmap_region() to replace the fput() using a local variable with vma_fput(), which will fput() vm_file, leading to a refcount underflow.
13 CVE-2019-15691 672 Exec Code 2019-12-26 2020-01-21
None Remote Low ??? Partial Partial Partial
TigerVNC version prior to 1.10.1 is vulnerable to stack use-after-return, which occurs due to incorrect usage of stack memory in ZRLEDecoder. If decoding routine would throw an exception, ZRLEDecoder may try to access stack variable, which has been already freed during the process of stack unwinding. Exploitation of this vulnerability could potentially result into remote code execution. This attack appear to be exploitable via network connectivity.
14 CVE-2017-14895 672 2017-12-05 2019-10-03
None Local Low Not required Complete Complete Complete
In Android for MSM, Firefox OS for MSM, QRD Android, with all Android releases from CAF using the Linux kernel, after a subsystem reset, iwpriv is not giving correct information.
15 CVE-2017-0544 672 Exec Code 2017-04-07 2019-10-03
None Remote Medium Not required Complete Complete Complete
An elevation of privilege vulnerability in CameraBase could enable a local malicious application to execute arbitrary code. This issue is rated as High because it is a local arbitrary code execution in a privileged process. Product: Android. Versions: 4.4.4, 5.0.2, 5.1.1, 6.0, 6.0.1, 7.0, 7.1.1. Android ID: A-31992879.
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